Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cross Time!

It's still summer! After being busy for most of the summer in school at UBC it's been nice that the summer weather has been sticking around a little longer than usual. I banged out a few good adventures in Vancouver before I left, including the Lions hike and some good rides up Seymour, Cypress and Fromme.

I'm back in Vic now having some fun with cross, and I think the Cross on the Rock race series could quite possibly be the funnest racing I've ever done. Beer primes, awesome courses, amazing atmosphere, lots of people out cheering...  it's amazing and I have so much fun at these events. I've been racing the mountain bike in them so far because the new cross bikes haven't arrived, but racing on a mountain bike is kind of interesting, because you can see where cross bikes are faster and where their weaknesses are. Overall a mountain bike is definitely slower, but it's still awesome to come out and race.

Here are a few pictures from the races so far. I'm currently sitting 2nd overall in the series, but hopefully that will change when I get my new bike!

 Reppin' the 80's skinsuit with OBB on the front

 Post-race bro/sis beers

Snapping pics of Alex getting too sideways 

Making good use of the MTB in singletrack

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