Thursday, 24 May 2012

April and May

Wow. You'd think that I would be more anxious to update my blog and brag to the internet after winning a race, but nah. Once again with all my homework and stuff to do I left this boring un-read pot on the backburner where only my mom will read it now.

Anyways, lots of happened in the last bit. I won Hammerfest in Nanaimo, on a wicked course in super nice conditions; I finished my practicum which was one of the hardest things I've done in my life, and I negotiated my third move of the year back to Vancouver, so this is where I'll be spending my summer. This past weekend I did a local crit back in Victoria in the rain... yes a bit sketchy at first, but I realized rainy crits can be good because it's only nervous for the first 5-6 laps while the sketchy riders crash out, then after that it's down to only the decent riders. Anyways, I tried attacking back and forth with Craig a little before we realized that nothing was getting away due to the pancake flat course, so I ended up giving him a lead out for the sprint which wasn't fast enough. Both Jeff Sparling and Curtis Dearden came around him to take first and second, but not being taken down in a crit is a victory for me. Those things sketch me out.

Between doing Hammerfest and the Windsor crit I did lots of fun training rides. Craig and I did an epic I've always wanted to do; 270km from Vic to Port Renfrew to Lake Cowichan to Duncan and home. It was a tough one alright, but it was lots of fun. I had the best muffin I've ever had in my life, and Noe invited us over for a BBQ after which was right on the money. Love that gal.

Anyways, now it's back into the homework/reading routine, followed by some evening rides and new races. I'm doing the Nimby 50 on my new Norco 29'er this weekend, then the weekend after I'm borrowing my brother's nice Easton wheels to race Bastion Square and road provincials. It should be hard and I will probably crack, but it will be good training. Stay tuned for more procrastination followed by multiple race reports in one blog post!!i=1858528071&k=PVKc2H6

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