Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cross on the Rock in Port Alberni

This course was definitely good times! Some tight singletrack in the woods, a tight fast descent, some open twisty sections, and a couple sections where you really had to lay down the power to stay in contention.

For me the race was a bit hectic. I started second row, so in the first lap I had to pick off riders one at a time to try to move up. Mical Dyck tried to throw some elbows with me off the start, but luckily enough I was able to make my way up into a lead group of four riders half way into lap two.

During the third lap, Norm Thibault flatted about half way through, and so I ended up trying to chase down Kelly Guest who had about a ten second lead on me. We pretty much had a pursuit going on. I kept trying to close it down quick, but my 'go faster' mentality didn't work, and I should have been thinking about staying smooth. On the fifth lap I started feeling a soft front tire, but I made it to the pits probably only falling 30-40 seconds behind. I jumped back into the race behind Steve Bachop and we pushed each other towards the finish, but before we could duke it out for second place, I hit a rock with my front tire and watched him cruise away. I ran in the last 5 min or so, but it felt much longer than that. Dan Scott chased me down through a twisty of section of the course so I had to sprint to the line to hold 3rd place, but I made it there without being caught!

After the race, regular Cross on the Rock festivities ensued. The organizers put on another awesome event and I was super impressed at my sister for her bike handling skills in the Intermediate Women's race.

Next up... Victoria! I love Van Island!

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