Monday, 27 June 2011

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Hello computers!

So after a nice little training sesh yesterday out to Sooke with Carter and Craig, I figured today would be a good blogging day. In fact, I think from now on, Mondays will be considered blog day! So now you don't have to guess when I'm going to deliver epic race reports that will illuminate the mind and dazzle the eye.

Actually, race reports aren't that fun to read unless they have lots of pictures or talk about something funny or crazy that happened. So I will try to report on those things. But if I can't I will try to talk about other things.... like learning; eating; random adventures; fun epic rides; proper use of the semicolon. You know....  interesting stuff.

Anyways, I have some sweet adventures planned for the rest of the summer. Such as...

1. Making a promo video for the Mongolia Bike Challenge (this is later)
2. Going camping/hiking/fishing in Tofino, and to the Tofino Hot Springs
3. Riding Stage 6 of the BC Bike Race. Hopefully with Tanya Berg.
4. Racing MTB Nationals in Canmore, Alberta
5. Racing a US MTB Cup in Missoula, Montana
6. Racing the Mongolia Bike Challenge (9 stages, 1200km, 14,000 METERS of climbing)
7. Hiking the Golden Hinde in Strathcona Park

Highlight of this past week: Playing bike soccer Saturday night! I will organize another big game soon.

Thriftys has some good steaks on sale this week!

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